Board Of Directors

Sheldon T. Anderson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

George W. Foyo

Vice Chairman of the Board, and Investor

Michael B. Chavies
Attorney, Akerman, LLP

Charles M. Hartz

D. Alan Nichols
Retired Partner, Deloitte Touche, LLP

William T. Price, III
Retired Eastern Airlines Captain

Patricia Sanchez Abril
Vice Dean of Graduate Business Programs and Associate Professor and Chair of Business Law, University of Miami 

Charles Stuzin

Michael Weintraub

Edward J. Joyce
Vice Chairman and Chief Client Engagement Officer, Grove Bank & Trust 

Jose R. Vazquez, Jr.
President and Chief Lending Officer, Grove Bank & Trust

Charles Porter, CFA
President, Trust and Wealth Management, Grove Bank & Trust


Charles Stuzin

Chairman of the Board

Michael Weintraub
Vice Chairman of the Board

Sheldon T. Anderson
President and Chief Executive Officer

Bert Lopez
CFO, Treasurer and Secretary