Treasury Management

Grove Bank & Trust offers an efficient and secure platform to manage your company's financial operations from the comfort of your office.

Our electronic treasury management platform contains multiple levels of security designated to protect your financial and personal data. Once you have logged-in to our secure portal, you will have complete access to your company's financial information anytime, anywhere giving you greater control over your cash position and account transactions. 

Processing deadlines (Monday - Friday) 
5 PM      ACH Origination
5 PM      Wire Transfers
7 PM      Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

feature descriptions

Account Analysis

Account analysis provides a clear view of your account activity which enables you to manage your cash flow more effectively. By maintaining compensating balances throughout the month, you can offset services fees.

Account alerts, balance information, reports, statements and check images

Manage your company's financial operations from the convenience of your office. Once you have logged into our secure portal, you will have complete access to your company's financial information anytime, anywhere.

Automated clearing house (ACH)

Pay employees, vendors or retirees efficiently and economically by originating payments via the ACH network. This payment delivery system is the method of choice when sending numerous, repetitive payments.

Bill payment

Pay your bills electronically from our secure online banking platform.

Deposit reconciliation

Allows you to distinguish deposit from multiple locations made into one account.

Internal transfer

Transfer funds between accounts with a click of a mouse. 

Line of credit sweep

Ensure your money achieves its daily maximum return with our automated line of credit sweep. When your account is in a borrowing position, we draw against your line to cover the balance.

Merchant services

An extensive range of reliable, innovative and cost effective products that allows your business to accept credit and debit card payments.

Positive pay/ACH positive pay

Protect your business from check fraud with our online exception management tool which allows you to make pay or return decisions from our secure online portal.

Remote deposit capture

Electronically deposit checks anytime, anywhere by using our secure high speed electronic scanning machine.

Wire transfer initiation

Initiate domestic or international US Dollar outgoing wire transfer payments through our secure online platform. Set up multiple layers of security including a dual validation approval process and one time password.

Zero balance account

Simplify cash consolidation with a zero balance account structure. Available funds can be moved automatically between master and sub-accounts to consolidate or disburse as needed reducing the need for manual transfers.